Preview your WordPress notification bar

The ideal case to test new things on your website is without interrupting your visitors. That's what the preview function of the plugin will help you with.

After you created or saved a notification bar, an additional button will become visible in your admin, "Preview Notification Bar".

When you click on that, a new tab will open in your browser and you'll see a preview of your notification bar on the homepage of your site. The preview is using the last settings you saved for your notification bar, so make sure that if you make some changes and you'd like to see that in the preview, you save your settings.

Because most templates can affect the layout of your notification bar (especially when you use the default font) it is a good practice to always preview them on the frontend before going live.

To find the right look for your notification bar, you can change the background image of it, and you can play around with the color settings as well.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via chat (bottom right corner) or email at

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